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The Chinese Painting and Calligraphy of Famous Artists from China

張 大 千 作 品
The Painting of Cheung Tai Ching

<< 董 北 苑 谿 山 雪 齊 圖 >>
(The Mountain View With Snow)
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<< 仿 盧 鴻 乙 草 堂 圖 筆 法 >>
(Imitation of Master Lo's Style of Painting Glass House)
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<< 西 陵 煙 雨 >>
(The Mist and Rain of SzeLing)
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<< 仿 清 湘 老 人 筆 意 >>
(Imitation the Style of Master Ching-Sheung)
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<< 已 過 楓 涇 到 松 江 >>
(To Pass Fung-Lane and reach Chung-Zhen)
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<< 黃 山 文 殊 苑 >>
(Man-Shue Buddha's Temple of Hwang-Shan)
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<< 黃 鶴 磯 >>
(The Water Route of Hwang-Hawk)
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<< 遙 天 突 兀 聳 雙 峰 >>
(Outstanding Double Hill-Tops of the Far-reach Sky)
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<< 越 澗 懸 巖 興 夥 豪 >>
(The Gathering of Powerful Friends under the Cliff of Yue-Zhen)
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<< 渺渺 青 涇 曲 >>
(The Remote Zig-Zag Path)
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<< 松 涼 夏 健 人 >>
(The Healthy Gentleman under the Summer Pine)
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<< 松 風 高 士 >>
(Windy Pine and the Highly Intellectual)
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<< 仕 女 圖 >>
(The Lady)
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<< 紅 葉 白 鴿 >>
(Pigeon rest on the Red Leaf)
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<< 峽 江 舟 遊 圖 >>
(The Boat Trip in the Huarp-Zheng River)
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