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    Newtrons Health Center of Chinese Medicines and Herbs,
Natural Therapy and Health Consultancy

    仲景中藥保健資訊中心, 提供完善 中醫中藥保健及資訊服務.

The Frequently Asked Question of Tradition Chinese Medicines

  1. What is Ying and Yang?

    In the Chinese philosophy, everything in the universe can be grouped into either Ying or Yang.
    E.g., Moon-Ying, Sun-Yang; Night-Ying, Day-Yang; Cold-Ying, Hot-Yang. For diagnose disease, first to classified the disease to Ying or Yang. Details of Ying and Yang can be found at The Emperor's Health-tips 5000 years ago.

  2. Many Chinese talked about " The Five Elements " in Chinese philosophy and in Chinese Medicines basic theory, what are they?

    In the Chinese theory, everything in the universe are made and transform from the Five Elements. They are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.
    They are inter-related and can influence each other.
    For diagnose disease, to find out which part of Zang-Fu (the internal organs,they are: Zang (Wood-Liver; Fire-Heat; Earth-Spleen; Metal-Lung and Water-Kidney) or Fu (other internal organs) have illness and then seek treatment, more details at The Emperor's Health-tips 5000 years ago.

  3. Some People has weakness of Qui or Blood, others may have deficiency of Jin or Ye, what is the terms of Qui, Blood, Jin and Ye in Chinese Medicine Theory?

    Qui--the bioenergy of the body, which flow around the body in certain route (the 14 Channels or Meridiens). There are several kinds of Qui that flow around either ther internal or external parts of the body to serve guarding from outside exogenous pathogens.
    Blood--are transform the food and water, which intake to the Spleen and Stomach Zang-fu, when combined with Qui of Yin, the food and water nutrients are transform to blood.
    Jin and Ye -- they are the normal fluid and water inside the body.
    Jin is lighter and clear fluids and distribute at all surface of the body for moisturing the body. Ye is heavier and thicker fluids and mainly find and nourishing the joints, organs, brain and marrow.

  4. How Traditional Chinese Medicines Doctor diagnose illness?

    Traditional Chinese Medicines Doctor diagnose illness or disease based on the " Four Basic Diagnostic Methods " and the " Eight Principle Guidelines of Syndrome "

    Four Basic Diagnostic Methods are:
    1. Observing and inspection of vitality, skin, tongue;
    2. Listening of speech, respiration, cough;
    3. Enquiry of body state of cold or hotness, mouth state of thirstness or taste, defecation, urination, pain, sleep, menses and leukorrhea;
    4. Pulse taking.

    The Eight Principle Guideline of syndrome are:
    1. Exterior and Interior Body Syndrome;
    2. Cold and Heat Body Syndrome;
    3. Deficiency and Excess State of Body;
    4. Ying and Yang classifying of the illness.

  5. What Tradition Chinese Medicines Doctor prescription of drugs, herbs and treatment of illness?

    There are several groups of medicines and methods that Chinese Medicines Doctor use to treat illness:
    1. Herbs -- either raw or processed, together many herbs and boiled to produce tonics for drinking.
    2. Drugs -- pills, tablets, powders, liquids, etc.
    3. Acupuncture, cupping, skin rubbing.
    4. Bone and Joint Fixation -- to relocation, connecting the joints and fracture-bones, with help and apply of equipments, herbs, etc.
    5. Massage -- massage of muscle, certain acupoints, joints, with massage oil.
    6. Qui-Kung -- a method of balance of Qui (bioenergy) or apply of qui from the doctor to the patients.
    7. Martial-Art and Qui-Kung -- the doctor may teach patients to perform certain movement or breathing and calming methods, so the patients can have self-treatment of the illness.
    8. Food and Soup -- Certain food and soups can have much helpful for the patients recovery of illness or even treatment of illness.

  6. In Chinese Medicines, doctors believed the treatment of illness at certain time of the day may have better result. How Chinese Doctors can perform better treatment at different time?

    According to the relationship of timing and Zang-Fu organs below, doctors can apply treatment (usually for acupuncture) with better results according to their natural relationship.
    So at 7:00-9:00 a.m., treatment for disorder od stomach may have bettter result than other hour of the day.

    The daily time-cycle and the natural
    relationship of the Zang-Fu Organs.

  7. My child have whooping cough (pertusse) for several months, can a simple Chinese medicines or herbs to relieve the syndrom?

    Whooping is a stubborn illness and not easy to cure, continuous medication for a relative period is necessary. For a simple and easy made formular for this illness, the patients can try the following formular and drink for some period to see the result.

    Garlic 20-30 gms, soak in 1/3 litres vinegar for 6 hrs, boil for several minutes and take the tonics for use only. Drink 1-2 spoons, 3 times a day, can add some sugar for taaste if necessary.

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