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      NewTrons Newtronics Enterprises Co.
Rm. 2916, Ho King Comm. Ctr., 2-16 Fa Yuen St.,
Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852)2782 2301 Fax: (852)2782 7180

PROVIEW R Sunglasses--- full protection of your beautiful eyes.
        PROFESSIONAL Sunglasses, For Sports and Leisure.

  • Filters-out hazardous ultra-violet rays.
  • Trendy, stylist design with fabricated of non-vitreous lens materials.
  • Shatter-resistant, sharpens vision and cuts glare.
  • Lightweight to maximize comfort.
  • Enhance distance visibility with extended 3 dimensional vision.
  • Increase visibility in aerial haze and mist.
  • Blocks-out and protected from daytime blue light.
  • BEST & SURPRISES PRICES for each model.

        International and Corporate Quality Awards

    • Arch of Europe International Gold Star Award " Madrid Spain 1996 ".
    • International Economic Performance Award " Silver Hermes 1996 ".
    • IX International Europe Award, Paris. 1995.
    • 20th Golden Trophy for Quality, Buenos Aires, 1995.
    • Taiwan's Best Symbol of Excellent, 1995, 1996.
    • Asia-Pacific Area Golden Quality Award, 1995.
    • Golden Award of Consumers Associate of R.O.C., 1996.
    • Golden Award of Corporate Culture in Taiwan R.O.C., 1996.
    • The Excellent Export Company Golden Globe Award in Taiwan, 1996.

    Photo of Sunglasses Description and Unit Price (HK$) Quantity Add to cart
    Eagle Eyes Sunglasses #86797
    Original Price:   HK$280.00
    Discount price:  HK$120.00
    Eagle Eyes Sunglasses (clip-Ons) #52262
    Oringinal Price:   HK$150.00
    Discount price: HK$70.00
    Ealges Eyes Sunglasses For Kids #86597-2
    Original Price:  HK$150.00
    Discount price:  HK$70.00
      Amber Optics #54268A
    Original price: HK$180.00
    Discount price:  HK$80.00
    Amber Optics (clip-Ons) #54262
    Original price:   HK$150.00
    Discount price:  HK$70.00

          Spectrums and Charts-100% Blocks UV Rays.

    Delivery: Within 1 week.
    Payment : C.O.D. for Delivery to Office, or
                    prepayment by cheque send to us for mail order.

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